Ready to go deeper?

Vinyasa yoga sequences flow between various postures, pairing movement with breath.

What is Vinyasa Yoga?

Vinyasa yoga is a first-rate workout, as well as de-stressor and general mood-enhancer. YogaSpirit vinyasa is practiced in warm, humid studio temperatures and is informed by ancient yoga traditions, but inspired by contemporary influences. Our classes feature classic sun salutations and creative flow sequences.

Once the body is warm and switched on, we settle into deeper work, focusing on alignment, balance and precision.

The Benefits

Learn to draw core-awareness into every aspect of your vinyasa yoga practice, while evolving into some of the more challenging asanas.

  • Boosts immune system functionality
  • Increase physical strength / muscle toning
  • Sense of achievement and inner peace
  • Acceptance of self, and your capabilities
  • Detoxification and lymphatic cleansing