Welcome to the first day of the rest of your life.

Here’s what you need to know if you are new to yoga

Yoga is for everybody. No one is too stiff, too fat, too old or too unfit to do yoga.

The hardest part is unrolling your mat for the first time and opening your mind to what might just be a whole new way of life (or an enhancement to your current lifestyle if you’ve got something that works).

Whether you are a serious athlete or your current exercise program consists largely of moving your mouse, yoga will enhance your health and wellbeing.

What to bring

  • Mat (or you can hire one from us for R20)
  • Towel (bring two if you’re showering or hire ours for R20)
  • Water (bottled water on sale as well as filtered water)
  • Stretchy, comfortable yoga gear (whatever you’d wear to gym)
  • A relatively empty belly
  • ID / Drivers licence
  • Cash / Credit Card / Snapscan to purchase a class or a package. Please note: If you are a local Cape Town resident you are eligable to try our intro deal for R380 – 10 consecutive days of unlimited yoga.

Yoga Etiquette

  • Please ensure you sign in before you drop off your bags or enter class
  • Please arrive with enough time to sign in and find your spot as classes start promptly at their designated time, we suggest you arrive 15 to 20 minutes early
  • Please don’t talk in the yoga room – it is a silent space
  • Please don’t wear shoes in the yoga room
  • Once in class, please try not to leave the yoga room
  • Make space for others if it’s a busy class
  • Please practice kindness and understanding towards all within the studio space

Classes we recommend to start with


Yinyasa Yoga is a friendly introduction to Vinyasa Yoga which includes flow elements paired with a restorative Yin finish.

We work through the key elements of a vinyasa class at a slower pace and deconstruct the basic sequences (e.g. sun salutations) as well as the common asanas. There is also a strong emphasis on relaxation.

Yinyasa yoga classes are usually smaller so that each student gets individual attention and adjustments where necessary. This class will help to ‘educate’ your body and gently guide you towards the mainstream vinyasa classes.


For many people, Bikram yoga is an incredibly healing practice. It’s predictable and safe (if you don’t push your body too hard). Depending on your body type, the heat is a wonderful tool  to heal injury. Often people will begin with Bikram and evolve towards other styles – it’s a solid way to begin a yoga practice. Read more about Bikram .


Please note: the heat is not for everyone. Different constitutions relate to different styles. We have plenty of non-heated yoga if you prefer that approach.


We love the Spirit Fusion Sequence! It ticks every box: strength, flow, stretching, core work, hip opening, mindfulness. It’s slow enough in order concentrate on each posture but there are Vinyasa elements such as flow sequences and arm balances. You can monitor the intensity of this class. Also a heated approach, this is a firm favorite with our regulars. Read more about Fusion



This is one of the jewels at YogaSpirit – we focus on mindfulness, relaxation, deep stretching, deep healing. This class is popular with every age group and walk of life. It’s not a physical workout, the practice is more about de-stressing and letting go. Read more about Yin