HOT 26

Hot26 Yoga Classes

26 postures, 90 minutes, 39 degrees.

What is Hot26 Yoga?

Hot26 yoga is a sequence set in precise order. We work on one posture at a time, refining alignment and building strength and mental stamina. Each posture builds on the one before it, taking you deeper into your yoga body.

Classes systematically work the entire body: tone your muscles, help you to shed excess weight (with consistent practice) and increase your overall vitality.

The heat and humidity are important elements of the Hot26 yoga approach. In a warm environment, muscles, joints and ligaments are able to stretch further without risk of injury.

The Benefits

The heat in Hot26 facilitates the release of toxins through sweating. Hot26 is great for beginners and is recommended to athletes as an insert into their training regime.

  • Renewed levels of personal flexibility
  • Potentially burns up to 1,000 calories
  • Releases toxins stored within the body
  • Improved memory & motor function
  • Elevated metabolism