Stevie Hiscock

I first stepped onto the mat in 2010, straight into a 40 degree room, surrounded by strangers in alarmingly tight clothes. It was the hottest and longest 90 minutes of my life! I was hooked from the first class and could not wait to get into the studio to feel, experience and move my body in new ways.

I loved bikram, with its precision and alignment and I love vinyasa just as much, with the freedom of movement and variation of sequencing. So much so that I decided to deepen my knowledge by doing a teacher training course with The Shala in 2012. Ever since then I have not stopped practicing and I cannot seem to get enough.

Following my first class and during the years of constant practise I’ve lost weight and the baggage that came with it, developed a lighter approach to life and found my heart again after not talking to it for years.

Stevie’s favourite poses.

Yoga for me is a great way to connect my body and mind to my breath, this helps me remain calm and happy no matter what situation arises in my life.

I have found a new love for my body and all the cool things it can do. I hope this reflects in my teaching and that I can help you through mindful movement to feel grounded, calm and light.

  • Side Plank
  • Toe Stand
  • Handstand
  • Crow
  • Tree

Kate loves using these yoga products.

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