Kate Ball

Kate opened YogaSpirit in 2011. She is blessed to be part of this now-thriving community and gives thanks for her job every day.

Kate’s love of yoga stems from the transforming power it’s had in her own life, both psychologically and physically. She feels deeply fortunate to share this gift with others, and teaches classes centered on love, honesty & present moment awareness.

Her main style is Vinyasa, but she also teaches Bikram yoga. Music is a strong feature of her classes, as is strength, precision and breath awareness.

Expect to work hard and feel beautiful afterwards.

Kate’s favourite poses.

Kate’s main style is Vinyasa, but she also teaches Bikram yoga. Music is a strong feature of Kates classes, as is strength, precision and breath awareness.

  • Handstand
  • Arm Balance
  • Downward Dog
  • Reverse Warrior
  • Half Pigeon

Kate loves using these yoga products.

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