Joanne Feghale

In 2000, I transitioned from big life challenges seamlessly onto my yoga mat and since have committed myself to a life of change.

My journey has been extraordinary and in 2009 I found myself in South Africa completing my teacher training with AfricaYoga. I moved to Cape Town and immediately began teaching. I have studied with many teachers of various schools of yoga all over the world and continuously immerse myself in workshops and courses, deepening my knowledge and my experience of yoga and myself. I regularly travel to America to study with my teachers and have almost completed my 500hr advanced training at Laughing Lotus NYC.

I aspire to inspire my students to go deeper into breath and body, to become receptive and connected to their own energy and different aspects of themselves. I teach strong Vinyasa Flow, with elements of fun and play, with particular attention to transitions, technique and breath. My classes aim to cultivate strength and flexibility while maintaining a softness of Being.

Joanne’s favourite poses.

I am continuously excited and inspired by my own practice and my classes are woven with different elements of my own experience as well as the ancient traditions.

  • Nataraj
  • Ardha Chardrasana
  • Pincha Mayurasana
  • Urdhva Dhanurasara
  • Exapada Raya

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