Yinyasa Yoga

New to yoga or looking for a gentle class? Yinyasa Yoga is a friendly introduction to Vinyasa Yoga which includes flow elements paired with a restorative Yin finish.

We work through the key elements of a vinyasa class at a slower pace and deconstruct the basic sequences (e.g. sun salutations) as well as the common asanas. There is also a strong emphasis on relaxation.

Yinyasa yoga classes are usually smaller so that each student gets individual attention and adjustments where necessary.  This class will help to ‘educate’ your body and gently guide you towards the mainstream vinyasa classes.

Yinyasa yoga benefits

Regular practitioners will enjoy Yinyasa as a reprieve from the Yang approach of stronger vinyasa classes. All are welcome and all will benefit!

  • Teaches postures & develops correct alignment
  • Builds strength and tones muscles
  • Boosts confidence & increases muscle memory
  • Relaxes and restores

Say hello to our yinyasa yoga teachers

Yinyasa yoga is slow paced and deconstructs the basic sequences of vinyasa. It teaches posture alignment and builds strength that can be called upon in other more energy consuming classes. Meet some of our beauitful yinyasa yoga teachers.