Yin Yoga

This is a Yin yoga class which will reset your system on all levels and leave you feeling relaxed and peaceful.

Yin describes a gentle soft approach. This class is more about releasing stress than getting an exercise workout. It’s the opposite to the fire and energy of yang, which drives our Vinyasa classes.

In Yin (restorative) yoga we hold postures for a long periods of time, working with connective tissue to open the body.

The focus is less on alignment and more on finding a stretch that leads to deep release. Though restorative yoga uses traditional seated asanas, students are encouraged to relax into the basic shape rather than perfect alignment.

Yin Yoga benefits.

There is no wrong and no right way to do a yin yoga class. Anything goes. You will leave feeling rejuvenated and fresh. The effects can stay with you for days.

  •  Release of mental and physical stress.
  • Acceptance of all emotions that may arise.
  • Observation of inner peace.
  • Increased circulation and blood flow.
  • Improved flexability and joint mobility.

Say hello to our yin yoga teachers.

The purpose of YogaSpirit yin yoga classes is to help you on your journey of discovery. Our yin yoga teachers will guide you to build and grow as you travel your own unique path.